Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Party Tips

With Hurricane Irene planning to visit this weekend, the word on the street is all the stores will be mobbed with people buying canned goods. This is because the stores may be closed for a couple days, if the hurricane is real bad, and no one bothers to keep more than half a day's worth of food in the house. Starving is not an option--we are not the Joads, after all--so it is off to join the pack at the stores!

But we also need something for entertainment! Here are some great hurricane entertainment ideas:

1) Play a game of "Guess Which Spoon Accidentally Fell In the Toilet Last Winter?"

2) Watch someone put together a jigsaw puzzle.

3) Ask three of your friends to stage an in-house production of "Glengarry Glenn Ross" to remind yourself why you need new friends.

4) Have a cup of grated parmesan for lunch because you thought everyone else was an idiot for rushing to the packed stores before the storm hit.

5) Cover your car with antique china to help cushion the blow in case a tree branch falls on it.

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