Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Palin Always Finds A Way to Become More Odious

I know that Sarah Palin is not an actual candidate for president, nor a serious person, or even anything more than an elaborate joke. But I just can't help myself! This lady is just the political junkie's gift that keeps on giving. I still stand behind my theory that she is actually a liberal political comedian doing a very elaborate satire on politicians in general and Republicans in particular. She really couldn't be a better example of a shrill, empty headed, craven, childlike, vain, hateful, opportunistic troll if this was in fact a satire.

The latest is her attention-whoring in Iowa, where they recently held a pointless, nonbinding straw poll that somehow got media coverage even though no one really cares what a small group of GOP activists in the Corn and Boredom State decided at one of their fundraisers. Apparently a reporter for the right of center publication Daily Caller did an interview of her while she took time away from making stupid remarks about Muslims who "hurt the heart" what with their nerve in trying to build mosques in this country. The reporter accurately reported that she would support whomever the GOP nominates against Obama--and the Daily Caller accurately published the article. Then, FoxNation's news aggregator linked the article, with the not-so-accurate (shocking, I know! But Palin works for them so she should be ready for such things) header implying she would back Mitt Romney, even before he won the nomination.

Let's first play pretend and imagine how a mentally stable non-idiot might have handled this. Ask an aide to check this out, find out that the problem was with FoxNation, and ask them to correct the headline and maybe print a correction for anyone who saw the inaccurate one. Nonstory, folks! Now let's imagine a Palin-American handling this:

Shrill screaming over the phone at the original reporter of the story, who reported and submitted the correct information. When said reporter tries to point this out, tell them you have to spend time with "real Americans" and hang up.

Let's first deal with this "real Americans" crap--if a "real American" is a multi-millionaire media whore with no actual accomplishments in her shallow life short of sinking a war hero senator's presidential campaign by making him look like a lunatic for even nominating her, then I guess very few Americans would be proud to carry that term. I wasn't aware that beat reporters who actually have to work for a living and don't parade their crotchfruit around the country while messing up the nation's history are not "real Americans". But I do know this much:


It would be nice to hear someone call her out on that though.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Why is it that anyone whom she imagines in her tiny little brain insults her isn't a "real American"? I would contend that I'm a real American (as are you, of course) and I think she's the worst thing that's happened to American politics (a contact sport I once loved) in the last 40 years?

    Yeah, I'm including Nixon.