Monday, August 1, 2011

Move Day

When a friend needs help with a move, it sort of brings out a "all hands on deck" feeling amongst the social circle, as we've all been in the situation where we needed every extra person to get things done smoothly and quickly. Helping with a move is sort of like the airport pickup-dropoff--it's a great favor you can do which ensures, among the right sort of people, that they will return the favor when you are the one in need.

Yesterday was just such a day, as a relatively new arrival had to call upon the gang for help with a move that unfortunately hit some setbacks. The truck rental place lost the reservation, requiring a last minute scramble, and several "friends" basically wrote off helping out at all for no better reason than "I'd rather not ruin my Sunday". Extra difficulty--very large objects had to be maneuvered up several flights of narrow staircases, and city streetparking and traffic were about what you'd expect on a day that the Nationals were playing in town.

However, some friends did come through in a big way, and considering there were only a few of us on the job--and despite the setbacks above--it went relatively smoothly, with only my usual level of cursing and aches. And, looking back, that was a hell of a workout.

The extra bit of fun was at the end of the evening, when the near-delerious movee had to return the UHaul, and somehow ended up at the wrong slum location (my wife and I were waiting at the slum off South Capitol Street, while our friend was mis-led to the slum off North Capitol). The exhausted, frantic phone call from her was a bit disconcerting, as apparently the North Capitol location was prime spot for tranny hookers who by themselves may not be dangerous but often came complete with muggers and maniacs. We did find her though, safe but ruffled, and were able to finish the day successfully.

A special thanks to those who did help out--my job would have been that much more horrible otherwise.

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