Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pointlessness of Understanding Rioters

I just love the folks who try to humanize the sort of mindless thugs that are willing to burn stores and attack passers-by every time they get a chance. This sort of understanding is like trying to tell a joke to a piece of patio furniture--completely pointless!

Yes, I get that there are a lot of people in despairing situations, lacking job prospects, living in desperate and insecure situations. And while thoughtful people of all political stripes may differ as to how best to alleviate these problems and construct a more perfect society, it's normal to have sympathy for the less fortunate. But this isn't about that at all.

This is instead about basic thugs striking out against the weak who cannot defend themselves or their property. This isn't some mob trying to storm the British equivalent of the Pentagon--or showing the sort of bravery and civility of protesters across the Middle East this year, who were actually protesting vile, inhumane and undemocratic governments that could and often did react with uncalled for violent measures. These mobs in Britain are the worst sort of cowards, making one wonder how they could be descended from those who spread western civilization around the globe, stood up to Hitler, and invented tea-time. Cowards who see nothing more than an opportunity to smash and steal and maim and kill.

Stop trying to figure out their motivations, because it's already obvious how to stop them--sheer force. A bullet in the head of the rioter in front of you is reason enough to go back to your room for the night.

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