Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Damn Yobs

I've always felt that local authorities should deal with yobs the same way an exterminator deals with a spider infestation--apply plenty of fire, and just when you think it's enough, add some more fire. Yobs--the British version of townie trash--are pretty much a blight on an otherwise charming country, and their general crappitude is illustrated by situations like this one.

Now, I'll admit it must suck to live in Manchester. Hell, even the American Manchester (in northern New Hampshire) is nothing to write home about, as though the British immigrants who founded it wanted the city to resemble the Manchester of their ancestral home, with boring strip malls and basically nothing fun to do. But for yobs to go and attack a McDonalds? How low do you have to be to do such a thing?

Now, attacking a police station, what with the tasers and attack dogs and all, that's some guts right there. But a McDonalds is a ripe target for those who prefer to remain untasered and unbitten. (Unless of course you're unfortunate enough to have picked the McDonalds where a certain Rayon McIntosh is working! In that case, you're likely to get a face full of pipe) McDonalds still does not condone its employees tossing hot grease on unruly tresspassers (thanks for nothing, Supreme Court!) so it remains low hanging fruit for yob attacks.

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