Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sonic, Where Tomatoes Come With Extra Jail

When I visit my local fast food establishment, with cane, top hat and monocle, I expect a rewarding culinary experience. Generally, this means prompt service, hot food, and if I request something like "no pickles" then I will receive no pickles on the food. Usually this works out fine, and if the order is screwed up, I'll live with it unless it makes the food inedible (say, squeeze cheese covering the damn thing) in which case I'll ask them to replace it. At no time is either my dignity or the dignity of the eatery's staff at stake.

Lately though it seems violent moron thugs have ruined nice places like McDonalds and the latest is this incident at a Sonic Burger in Florida. At no time do any of these offenders say to themselves "hey, whatever my lot in life, my dignity is the one thing I never have to give up." Nope, I'd value the "dignity" of these morons at about a shiny nickel.

The recent incident at Sonic stemmed from the "patron" (though I think that term overdignifies this cave-dweller) receiving tomatoes on his meal, which he did not ask for, and then requesting a refund. The article indicates two sides of the story, the manager saying he'd given the man his refund and the perp saying the manager spit on his shoes so of course he slugged him. Because of course if someone spits on your shoe, the only way to maintain your social station is to slug them!

The article also helpfully points out that tomatoes are key ingredients in "tomato sauce and in bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches." Uh, thanks for the tip??? Did we really need to be told that? The article's author does not know what the customer ordered that had the tomato on it, but did state that Sonic normally serves burgers but also corn dogs, though "tomatoes are not a common corn dog condiment." Okay, why are we told this???

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