Monday, April 30, 2012

Observations About Las Vegas

1) Every single thing you try to do in Vegas requires walking through disorienting cavernous rooms where you have to pass at least twenty betting tables.  The idea here is you're saying to yourself "I really need to find the front desk to ask about oh screw it I'll plop down $20 on red."  It's particularly annoying trying to find something on the Strip when you don't gamble.

2) People will drag their toddlers around on the Strip after midnight.  Apparently this is a thing.

3) It's very thoughtful of all the young women who dress like hookers so that the vice cops won't be able to spot the actual hookers and hassle them.  (Of course, with prostitution legal outside of Vegas, one wonders if that competition makes it harder for Vegas hookers?)

4) You can still function in Las Vegas when you've been awake for 24 hours.  Not function well, but function nonetheless.

5) Despite a mind-boggling long line for taxis at the airport, they handle it with an efficiency and order that should be emulated at airports around the world.

6) Apparently it's acceptable for sidewalks to just end at a wall, requiring you to go up escalators into casinos, past several gambling tables, then back out again at the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  All this to try and fleece a few more gamblers?  What do you expect in a city founded by the Mafia?

7) The pools are pretty terrific and would have been more so if I were drinking beer.

8) Don't go there if you suffer from epilepsy.

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