Friday, April 20, 2012

Move Over, Rebecca Black

Since the caveman days, there's always been that one guy who wasn't quite as good at hunting mastadon or crafting weapons or growing crops, but he'd take his knack for creating sounds into melodies that all would enjoy (particularly the cave-chicks!) and lo, we as a people had invented music.

Modern popular music has gone through numerous evolutions, from the great rock n' roll acts of the 1950s, to the British Invasions, the Soul Infusions, to the Hard Rock Reactions. The music scene has also been subject to a number of cultural assaults, such as Bubble Gum in the late 1960s, the Disco Explosion of the late 1970s, the Punk Craptasticalla (yes it's a word) of that same period, to this thing they call Bieber. Throughout, the music has evolved and advanced and survived these many onslaughts of bad taste.

Until now.

From what I can make out in this video, the songstresses are informing the listening audience that (1) they're hot; (2) they have problems; and (3) they're just like the rest of us. This is helpful, because (1) I need to be told what is "hot"; (2) I assume that hot people don't have problems, which is probably not a safe assumption; and (3) because I assume hot people have no problems, I also figure they're not like the rest of us and therefore should be oppressed and subjugated to please our volcano gods.

But before we get too harsh on the creators of that video, let's ask ourselves--is it really any worse than the other crap the kids are listening to these days?

My lawn....they need to get off of it.

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