Friday, December 5, 2008

Black Friday Tragedy

Apparently a week ago a bunch of fantastically cheap shoppers crammed into a Wal Mart in search of the infamous "Black Friday" bargains, and in the process crushed to death an employee of the store. When the managment tried to clear the people out of the way so that paramedics could get through the reaction from the crowd was that they waited since 4 AM to get in the store and weren't about to back out now.

This Onion piece--particularly the third satirical quote--captures it perfectly. It's really sad when people have that little regard for the lives of others when rushing to save money on these bargains. If aliens were watching over such an episode to determine whether humankind was worth sparing, it's hard to imagine they'd be favorable.

Anyway, if I ran a Wal Mart, I'd equip all my employees with tasers. Sure, there'd be a lot of unauthorized tasing going on (especially when one considers how many ex-cons and teenagers work at Wal Mart). But it'd still be pretty neat to see some yuppie get tased next time he tries using an expired coupon.

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