Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Blues

The past weekend was relaxing, as there was just not much that could be done outdoors what with the ice storm. One might think that would lead me to do more indoors, but no--I treated it as a weekend off from everything. Erin took me to dinner Friday for a belated birthday celebration, which was nice since we hadn't really done any celebrating up to then what with the sore throat and her busy schedule. Saturday night Mark and Nichole had us up for a home cooked meal, and to see their fancy holiday decorations and try the new pale ale that Mark had made. Our signature ale.

We need to produce more of that, and make it our contribution to all future "Happy Hours At Home" that will hopefully become a weekly event. By getting our friends and well wishers to taste the beer we brew, we can build up a ready market for low cost, high quality suds. This I believe is how Adolph Coors and Phil Pabst and Johnny Rolling Rock got their start.

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