Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

An event-filled weekend is coming to a close--Friday night was Erin's graduation (where she was noted as a magna colada! What honor!) and it went on despite severe snow that made driving a bit hazardous. Still, it went off well and then I headed up north with her fambly to celebrate with food and drink. The roads were pretty bad so I stayed over and watched movies by the fire.

We got a late start on the morning and essentially accomplished nothing--NOTHING--on Saturday. It was hard to get out--the sidewalks were still terrible, and it was so warm inside. A no-brainer! Though we did have to head out eventually, for Christrees' and Brendan's surprise party. That event was a nice one, and worth braving the bitter cold and snowy sidewalks--much of the usual gang was there, plenty of silliness and all that--and as it turns out, ole fancy-pants Erin is a fan of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer! Wonders, they never cease.

We left around the time I ran low on beer and felt a bit loopy, and woke up Sunday to the beginning of what is now a good ole blizzard. Well, that's Maine. If only snow were a valuable natural resource, this might be a state flush with money! I did manage to visit Jake, Allie and Hokie for a bit to watch some football and catch up, and now watch the evening come under a blanket of frozen drops. Another week begins.

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