Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Haven't been able to blog yesterday, as my sore throat finally prompted me to go to the doctor. Normally, the routine is--get sore throat, eat soup, NyQuil, cough drops, vitamins, Zicam, tea, juice, and bedrest, until the sore throat turns into a regular cold, with runny nose, sneezes, coughs, fever, then back to normal. Usually this takes about four or five days from start to finish, and the sore throat itself is gone after the second day. A predictable routine that interferes with beer drinking, potato chip eating, and other happy affairs.

Not this time. The sore throat came the 26th of November, so as usual I started my curative routine which continued through Thanksgiving weekend. Only this time, the sore throat stayed, being very painful in the morning and late at night and only a mild annoyance during the day. At no point did the sinuses get clogged, or sneezy, or coughs, or fever. Curious! And then it continued for what is now almost two weeks. Something's afoot, so time to go to the doctor and see what this is.

Brando: I gots me a sore throat. Or "thorat" if you prefer.

Doctor: Any other symptoms?

Brando: Yeah, all the sudden I can't dance.

Doctor: For that, I can only prescribe ten days of tango.

Brando: Just out of curiosity, you're not planning to quit your day job, are you?

So the Doc took a thorat swab, found it wasn't strep throat, which is good because strep sucks, but bad because at least with strep, you know what it is and you can take antibiotics which sounds a lot like "robotics" and makes me think of superpowers. Instead, I have what he suspects is just a long lasting virus that my immune system has been unable to destroy yet. For my trouble (and about an hour delay in the waiting room!) I got advice to take some heavy duty Tylenol.

I really should have become a doctor!

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