Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursdays Are For Player Haters

Tuesday night we had our first "happy hour at home" hosted by our East End pal, Paula. It was successful--about a dozen showed, a good deal of bawdy banter, and high hopes for a repeat of this on a nearly weekly basis. The elusive Chris McClay has offered to host another one next week, but you know what they say about McClay sightings--they're like comets. They appear rarely and cause a lot of space dust.

Last night went to the Daigles' for tree trimming, which is an activity I haven't done since high school (since normally the trees are fully trimmed by the time I get home from school/visit). We had some good treats while listening to holiday music and making the place all festive. We also had something to celebrate, as Erin had earned Magna Cum Laude, despite her attempts to be all humble by calling it Magna Colada and acting like it was no big deal. Having never even made cum laude myself, I think it is a big deal!

Today among my errands I went to get a new phone. So I ask the good fellow at Radio Shack if I can still access the numbers saved from my old phone. Here's how it went:

Brando: Good fellow, once I activate the new phone, which you seem to be doing now...

Clerk: Yep, almost done.

Brando: I'm wondering, can I still get the numbers I have saved from my old phone?

Clerk: Certainly, good sir. You just won't be able to make or receive calls from the old phone.

Brando: Splendid!

Well, I get home and sure enough, can't get to those numbers! Which means the next few days I'll be slowly adding numbers as friends call and email. Dammit!

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