Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Stupid Movie Review

As you know, I watch quite a few movies, and every now and again I see something that qualifies as "shitballs retarded". Last night's viewing of 1970s "The Losers" was just such a film. This was the story of a biker gang that the U.S. army used in Vietnam to fight the Viet Cong and Chinese, in full biker regalia and with motorcycles and dune buggies. And sadly, the movie was even stupider than it sounds. But I learned a number of things from watching this film:

1) Apparently Chinese troops were heavily involved in the Vietnam War.

2) Apparently both sides in the Vietnam War were armed with WWII vintage weapons and vehicles.

3) Apparently the Vietnamese countryside can be easily mistaken for the American south, with manicured lawns and Georgia pine all throughout the jungle.

4) Apparently the Viet Cong looks a lot like Mexicans.

5) Apparently during the waning days of the war, we got so desperate we thought that a completely retarded idea like sending a biker gang after our enemies would be a good idea.

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