Thursday, July 2, 2009

Losing my Language

Ever since moving back to DC from Maine, I've had to drop my Northern New England accent and mannerisms, as people here are having trouble understanding what I'm saying. DC is in the heart of the "mid-Atlantic", which is an area that doesn't really have an accent--it's sort of nestled between the NY-area accent region and the Southern accent region. Maine, of course, is in the far reaches of New England, where words like "wicked" are thrown around with such abandon that you hardly notice it, and words like "parts" are pronounced "pots" while "pots" is actually pronounced "pawts", if you follow that. I had to stick to a complex language guide when getting used to the Maine/DC dialect:

Mainer: "Go Sox!" This means "I rather favor the baseball club in nearest proximity to my home in [Bangor, Wiscasset, Lewiston], and will deliver mighty kicks to your backside if you disagree with this opinion."

Mainer: "Ah, two bee-ahs heah!" This means "good sir, I would like a draft of your finest ale, preferably locally brewed, but not that sweet-ass Shipyard Pumpkin stuff since it tastes too much like pie. And please provide a second draft for my lady-friend here who's wearing her finest fleece."

Mainer: "Ayuh, it's hawt heah today!" This means "I believe the temperature has gone above 70 degrees, at which point I might break out in a sweat for a record third time this summer."

Mainer: "Hey Chahley, gawt the boat all set, you bringin' be-ahs and cawfee brandy?" This means "Charles, I can think of no better pastime then for us to get inebriated and go boating off of the rockiest coast in the Northeast. I trust you'll be supplying the lager and that coffee-flavored liquor that is inexplicably popular in the northern reaches of our fair state?"

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  1. Not sure how I feel about your accounts of the "Mainer Dialect" as it would appear that in your opinion, we are stupid.

    By the way, in response to the "Go Sox" term I would like to point out that if you were to go to a Nats vs. Red Sox game or Orioles vs. Red Sox on your turf you'd surely see more "Go Sox" fans than that of the hometown team.