Thursday, July 16, 2009

Word Bingo Day

Today is "word bingo day" where everyone gets points based on being able to insert key words into their daily conversations. The rules are simple--you have to make the insertion of these words make sense in the context of the conversation, the words have to be used properly based on their understood meanings, and you get double points if you're able to work more than one word in during a sentence. The key is also not to let others in your office/social life know that you are intentionally trying to insert these words in to earn points. Here are the key words of the day:

1) 5 point words: Fucktard, dillweed, fuckwit, dipshit, fuckery, bullshittery, assoholism.

2) 10 point words: defenestrate, cuckold, cacophony, folderol, tommyrot.

3) 15 point words: provincial, haggis, libretto, potbelly, stevedore.

4) 20 point words: histrionic, screechtastic, popinjay, bilious, bloviating, machinations.

Good luck!W

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