Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Isn't It Ironical

You know what fries my potatoes? Hipsters. They ruined irony for the rest of us. Allow me to explain.

For years, being "ironic" was a good way to get people to think you're funny. "Oh, see he's being ironic, ha ha" is sort of how it would go. Show up late to work stinking of gin and when they ask you where you were you say "I was helping sick orphans when one of them dumped a martini on me" and people who don't even know what irony is will think you're being ironical and funny. (Sure, you'll get a visit from HR, but you only go around once) It's also a good way to disguise saying something stupid--like when someone asks if you've been to the opera and you say "I saw Cats when I was a kid" and they point out that Cats isn't an opera and you save face by saying "I was being ironic, should I talk slower for you, fucktard?" Irony was a terrific thing.

Now, with hipsters doing everything "ironically" like drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, wearing trucker hats, and bowling, the whole concept is ruined. Ruined! And I don't buy it when some hipster tries to argue that they drink PBR for the taste, or actually enjoy bowling, or wear trucker hats because they're cheap and comfortable. There's nothing more ironic than a hipster pretending they're not even being ironic.


  1. Hmmm... So... I drink PBR (more because it is cheap, less because it tastes good) and I am in a bowling league. Is there irony in there somewhere?!

  2. Ah, there's a fine line between being a hipster and being from "the County". County folk do it unironically!

  3. I like to bowl. Does that make me a hipster, or just "from Woodbridge"?

  4. i would kindly ask you to not say 'fries my potatoes'. mainly because i enjoy my pommes frites and want them having nothing to do you with your 'potatoes', metaphorically or otherwise.