Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parental Arrival

With my parents' arrival tomorrow, I've got to find ways to entertain them for the weekend. Back in Maine, entertaining visitors was more difficult, as (a) the weather is usually awful, and (b) there aren't a lot of indoor activities for tourists. A typical visit in Portland would consist of walking into town and saying "here's the historic Old Port. I hope you're into drinking because that's what we do here." Then they spend the next several hours watching me weep into my hands.

Here in DC, it's a bit different--there's a whole mess of museums, and if the weather's nice, you can drop visitors off at the Mall and say "soak up the history, I'll pick you up at six--I'll be getting tanked up at one of those outdoor bars across town". It's just a bigger city, so it has that advantage.

Of course, the parents have visited me many times during the years I was living here before Maine, and have seen just about everything here--and you can only take the "hey you haven't seen the White House since Obama became president" bit so far. So this may mean "quality time" with "bonding" and such. Better stock up on beer.


  1. My idea? Drop 'em off in Anacostia and have them figure out their own way back.

  2. That "bonding" will look more like dad cleaning your bathroom while mom tries to buy you new curtains. Good luck!