Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wonder Woman--Now All Catsuited?

As a kid, I always remember Wonder Woman being totally hot, especially helped by Lynda Carter's portrayal of the superheroine (and Carter has held up well over the years, too). Now, word on the street (the Washington Post) indicates that the comic book character is changing her outfit from the sexy patriotic swimsuit and boots to a plain black catsuit and jacket. All I can say is, WEAK!

First, last time they did a major change to the costume as a nod to current mod hip fashion, it looked like this. Notice anything? If you think that looks unusually trendy and dated, then the comic book creators agreed with you after a few years and went back to the original look. (I realize that the "original" look also changed over the years, moving from a skirt to panty-like bottoms, and moving from sandals to red boots, but the colors and general scheme were otherwise the same with the exception of the late '60s "mod" phase) What trend are they going with now with catsuits? WW is going to end up looking like any of a gazillion female comic book characters. Fans will no longer be able to say "wow, she has desecrated the American flag but in such a hot way!"

The article suggests that some might argue that the new "less revealing" outfit is some blow for feminism, and this is hogwash. A skintight outfit reveals every bit of shape and curve that a skin-revealing outfit does, and frankly every major superhero has these body-hugging outfits to show off their muscles and such. (Apparently, this intimidates or titillates opponents) And when did "revealing" mean "unfeminist"? It always seemed to me that the Victorian age of completely covered women wasn't exactly a golden age of female advancement. On a larger level, is a sexy outfit bad for women simply because men like it? Is this some zero-sum game?

But on another level, there's something to be said for consistency. Whether it's the uniforms of sports teams, or classic car designs, there's something comforting about an image that can stay the same as other things change over the years. Count me not a fan of this one.

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