Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today being 4/20, it is apparently some sort of marijuana related holiday, which probably means stoners everywhere taking the day off and munching Cheetos. Sadly, the Cheeto supply here at work is insufficient!

I'm not a pot smoker myself, but have always taken the "why the hell is this so illegal?" approach to the stuff. After all, if it's a gateway drug, then so what? Does that make lava lamps a gateway appliance since you can only really appreciate the melted wax when you're baked? Does that mean that yelling insults should be prosecuted the same as assault, since insults are a gateway to punching? Is it the case that everyone in Congress is a low-functioning moron who would serve the country well by locking themselves in their own cars for the next few years???

Plus, pot has had a great effect on easing the pain of chemotherapy, as well as making people appreciate very marginal music. Legalizing and regulating the stuff would create a number of legitimate jobs, profits, and tax revenues in this country (and have a great effect on the Cheeto industry) and yet, some busybodies decide against it. Keep in mind our current and previous president were cokeheads. Who are they to oppose legalization of something far more benign?

It'd be nice to see these laws finally changed.


  1. I'd say the tobacco industry is what has kept pot from being legalized. Those are the ones that have the most to lose from it.

  2. Titania--too many interests keeping down the pot industry! But there's a market for it, plenty of money exchanged already, only a matter of time before it gets legit.