Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Civil Disobediently

Another day, another arrest of a D.C. mayor...of course, this time no crack was involved! (Marion Barry, we hardly knew ye!) Our new mayor, Vince Gray, was arrested during an act of civil disobedience relating to the new budget deal worked out by Congress and the President (with no representation by any D.C. officials, of course) which among other things stripped D.C. of funding that could arguably be used to help pay for abortions. The argument is a fair one--we get no vote in Congress, and now Congress is yet again taking a stab at our local autonomy. Insult, meet injury! More than the lack of Congressional representation--to me, that's less of an issue, because having been represented in Congress when I lived in New York, Virginia and Maine I can say all those crooks are worthless and only care about their big donors anyway--is the fact that we D.C. taxpayers don't get any say in how our tax money gets spent. Whatever you think of abortion, you can agree that it's our business to decide how our tax money funds or doesn't fund it. Why should Delaware get more of a say? No one even lives there! (And don't bring up Joe Biden because he's clearly just a carved wooden log). Still, I don't think having our mayor arrested will make any difference. D.C. residents will only get their voices heard when we start mugging more Congressmen. Don't hurt 'em, though--we're not animals! Just slap 'em around a bit.

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