Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy Weekend

The past weekend has been one of creativity and errands, which was just about right considering (a) it was cold out and (b) a lot of stuff needed gettin' done! Friday started at our favorite fancy seafood restaurant, where we sampled all the fine treats de mer (that's French for "we surrender, take what you want") and filled up before dessert could be happening. Back at home, the special lady went through what we had left in our fridge and invented an impromptu "Summer Cocktail" (despite the brisk weather) which consisted of vodak, white cranberry juice, and grenadine. It was glorious! (The next night, we'd improve on this slightly by adding frozen berries, which have both an ice cube and flavoring effect). Fortunately, this caused no hangover because the next morning we had to be at the bank to open our joint checking account in which to deposit the wedding checks, and begin our saving for a house. I'm also sort of counting on DC area homes dropping in value by about 75% to where they might become affordable. Fingers crossed! Shan's attempt to cut back on caffeine had consequences, though, and she needed a serious nap during whcih I finished Band of Brothers and then got the apartment in order. We had a dinner of antipasta, and then started watching "The Towering Inferno" (look to my film review on a later date) which let's just say required several "Summer Coolers" and some bourbon to get through. We were joined mid-way by our Viking friend who was just back from Seattle, so she kept us entertained where the film fell short. In middle of this, we saw the Cherry Blossom fireworks from our balcony. Sunday, of course, was blunch day--the first of our "hosted blunch series" that we hope becomes a trend (since waiting on line at blunch places when you're hungry and hung over? Not fun!) and our friend Jenny hosted this one. We learned to make waffle batter from scratch, and omelets (I'd never done that before), and Shan made cheese grits. And all this just in time to go home for buffalo chilli that was made in the new programmable crock pot out pals got us. Overall, a relaxing, pleasant weekend. Just what was needed before a long week ahead...


  1. The Viking Woman is always entertaining! Because if you don't at least PRETEND to be entertained, I will smite your village!

  2. Zan--eek! This is why the torch salesmen are always at your door!