Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thugs Need a Beatdown of Their Own

Now the media is picking up on the rash of violent assaults taking place at fast food restaurants. It doesn't appear that such assaults are more frequent these days, but perhaps the videotaping of them is, so of course the media firestorm kicks up. One recent assault took place in Baltimore County (local motto--"please nuke this cesspool"), where a transgendered woman was severely beaten into a seizure by two female hoods (one 14, the other 18) at a McDonalds. The McDonalds staff basically was useless, one of them even taping the incident and laughing, and warning these animals that the cops were on their way. A few thoughts:

1) I don't care about the age of the perps, they need to be immediately removed from society. They are animals more deserving of cages than anything in the zoo, and have lost all privileges to be treated as people anymore. It's sickening that they have the advantages of living in this country and I would gladly trade them in for some foreigners who'd love to be here.

2) I think it's a shame that the victim wasn't well armed. The only thing that thugs can understand is having a kneecap shot off. Maybe this means it'll be harder for them to carry on their day job of beating people up, but maybe they can learn a new skill like telemarketing.

3) Unfortunately, fast food staff are not trained (and basically not allowed) to beat the piss out of misbehaving customers. That needs to change. When Brandoburgers opens (2021, keep fingers crossed!) all employees will be trained in kung fu or be former bouncers, and will be instructed that any customers get violent they're going to be quickly aquainted with the business end of a broomstick handle. Our motto won't be "have it your way", it'll be "you better watch it. Order, and get out."

4) While I'd love to see these thugs in jail, I'd prefer it to be a Mexican jail. Our jails are full enough and the Mexicans seem to know how to do things for less.

5) I don't, however, think that hate crimes should be treated any different than any other crime. When I first saw the video, I wasn't aware that the victim was transgendered, or that that was the motivation for the attack. And that shouldn't matter--anyone assaulting a defenseless person who was laying on the ground deserves the harshest penalties, whether they did it to get their wallet or because they're threatened by their alternate lifestyle.

6) Also sad were that a lot of the comments on the video reduced this to a racial thing (the thugs in question were black, the victim white). This is unfortunate, since racism shouldn't have a part in the disgust over the incident--thugs come in all colors, and this sort of thing should be condemned no matter the race of the perpetrator. Turning it racial just de-legitimizes the disgust over it.

Fortunately, the victim survived the attack. Unfortunately, the two thugs are likely going to go on doing things like this, and--shudder--likely will breed, as God doesn't see fit to make the worst among us sterile. I'm sure they'll be raising real pillars of the community too.

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