Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birther Madness Finally Reaches Maximum Idiocity

Economists predict that China's GDP will surpass ours by 2016. We have an annual budget shortfall of over a trillion dollars. The housing market is in the tank, gas prices rising to new heights, and unemployment still around 9%. Plus, American soldiers are still deployed in various hot spots that have nothing to do with our immediate interests.

And yet, the nagging issue for Trump-tards is whether the president can prove he was born in this country. See, because if they can sow enough doubt, apparently that means Obama resigns (maybe taking Joe Biden with him?) and history can undo everything Obama has done since he took office. That's how it works, right?

Well, Obama finally released his long-form birth certificate, hopefully putting that stupid issue to rest. I fully expect to hear Donald Trump go on national TV to say that his suspicions turned out to be wrong, and he's sorry for raising such a pointless distraction.

Oh wait, nope, Trump now comes out saying he's proud to have achieved what "no one" has been able to, by getting the president to produce this record. What Trump has really achieved is a practical joke at the expense of the GOP and mainstream media that is actually taking him seriously. Consider--Trump has long been a donor for the Democrats, he's been a social liberal up until just now, and even his economic beliefs of ten years ago were to the left of Obama's. Do people really think he's seriously running as a hard right Republican? Are we that easily pranked???

Now the GOP is being ever marginalized as a party that takes seriously the looniest of conspiracy theories (even the Democrats steered away from 9/11 "truthers"), hostile to immigrants and "Muslims" (even when that "Muslim" is a churchgoing Christian), and welcoming to a brash and tacky plutocrat who gives plutocrats a bad name. (They already had the moron vote sewn up when they elevated Sarah Palin) Obama may not deserve re-election, but these clowns don't deserve to beat him either.

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