Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Palin's Trig Story

I've previously argued that the "birther" theory--that Obama wasn't born in this country and his supporters conspired to fake his Hawaii birth certificate--is basically nonsense. Similarly, there is a far fetched theory about Sarah Palin floating around.

This theory goes that Sarah Palin is not actually the mother of Trig Palin, the Down Syndrome baby who is the youngest of the Palin brood (until her daughter Bristol gave birth to Trapp or Trick or Trazz or whatever stupid new name those idiots came up with). Trig, you'll remember, was carried around at the 2008 GOP convention and lauded as proof of Palin's pro-life bona fides--she chose not to abort the child, despite giving birth in her 40s to what she knew would be a special needs child, so unlike Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan (who presumably abort the hell out of anything they can) Sarah is the real deal. Under this conspiracy theory, though, Trig is actually not Sarah's child, but the first born son of her teenage daughter, Bristol--and Sarah faked being preggers and presented the child as hers in order to cover up a fambly embarrassment.

The theory is presumably supported by photos of Sarah during her "pregnancy" where she doesn't look all that pregnant, as well as an outlandish story about her water breaking while giving a speech in Texas, after which she took a twenty-hour journey by plane (with layover in Seattle) to Anchorage then by car to Wasilla to give birth in her home hospital.

(I have to say, though, the water breaking story if anything makes Sarah Palin look far worse as a human being than any cover-up to protect her daughter and fambly's reputation. After all, what's worse--lying to the public to protect a personal, fambly matter, or endangering yourself and your child by taking a ridiculously long trip, AFTER your water broke, when there are plenty of hospitals far closer to Dallas than Wasilla? For the sake of humanity, I'm HOPING that water breaking story is at least an exaggeration! Otherwise, call Child Services!)

Ultimately, this conspiracy theory simply doesn't hold up any more than the "birther" story. Too many people would have had to be in on the lie, and surely Bristol's boyfriend at the time--white trash townie doofus Levi Johnston--would have at least supported this story if it were true (he has no love for his ex-girlfriend's fambly and appears more than willing to do anything to get his 15 minutes of fame). And ultimately, what does this really prove? If anything, it makes Sarah look like a liar to the American Public, but it would make me have some sympathy for her if true.


  1. Just curious - why did she say she went back to Wasilla to give birth? Was it that important her son be born in Alaska?

  2. Justin--a very good question. She did mention shortly after the birth that she's proud he was born in Alaska, but then, they could have had the kid in Anchorage shortly after landing (where there was a neo-natal care clinic) rather than drive an hour to Wasilla (where there wasn't). The whole story is weird, and I'm inclined to think at least the "wild ride" story of the trip from Texas after water broke is at least a heavy exaggeration. Otherwise, it makes her a complete ghoul.

  3. Sarah Palin is really Charlie Sheen.


    Think about it. Ever see them in the same place together?

    *nods knowingly*

  4. Lacochran's evil twin--eerie! Of course that makes Palin the country's first Hispanic nominee for national office...