Monday, April 18, 2011

Beer-a-Thon Concluded

Saturday we had our first annual Beer-a-Thon for charity, and it was a raging pile of successmanship. It helped that the weather was lousy, so no one felt inclined to go outside and do anything wholesome. So if we're going to drink beer all day, may as well do it for a good cause.

Our sponsors were very generous, several of them sponsoring more than one competitor, and several guests also brought snacks, extra beer, and our hostess made delicious chicken chilli to help counteract the effect of drinking all day. What I found was that a good way to avoid hangovers and passing out was to maintain the pacing of one beer per hour while adding water between drinks.

Guests continued to filter in and out of the apartment, but my friend Jay and I had managed to start at noon and go fourteen hours. Of course, I later found out that when he got home, he continued his beer-a-thoning but with vodak! Eek!

Keeping us busy through the competition was also the Wii Fit, which got more use out of it than I would have expected from a bunch of marathon drinkers. Ultimately, it worked out pretty well, good fun was had, and a nice donation for cancer research was raised by all involved.


  1. I was wondering about Jay! I thought he was drinking at your apartment, so I was confused when he said he was out of beer and had switched to vodka (since I believe there was still some beer left in your fridge when I went home after midnight). :)

  2. Zan--we both finished by 2, then he left to catch the metro, and apparently continued on once he got home! I elected to stop after 14, since it was late and I knew if I pushed it further my Sunday would be wrecked.