Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants Win Super Bowl, and Post Game Thoughts

Last night's Super Bowl has given us time to reflect on the following:

1) Big companies have spent millions for 30-second ads to remind us that heavy pick-up trucks, beer and Doritos still exist in amusing ways. This is great, because just recently I was asking a friend if they still made Doritos and if he could think of anything funny to do with Doritos.

2) They're making a movie based on the game "Battleship"??? I'm sure the reason the big studios are losing money is due to video piracy and not the fact that they distribute fetid crap like this every year.

3) The halftime show has evolved into a game of "this act would have been really hot a few decades ago". Imagine Madonna at the 1984 Super Bowl show, or the Rolling Stones at the 1968 Super Bowl show, or the Black Eyed Peas never being at any Super Bowl show. It's as though the booking agent is incredibly overworked and can't do anything in less than 20 years. We'll know my theory is correct if next year's headliner is Third Eye Blind, sponsored by Enron and

4) Handsome, multimillionaire quarterback Tom Brady's supermodel wife has asked people to pray for her husband to win the Super Bowl. See, if the power of prayer can make miracles happen, this is what we need to spend our prayer on. Those starving kids in the Sudan will just have to wait.

5) Apparently, Pats fans didn't pray hard enough, with the Giants pulling off an upset (and enwealthening--yes it's a word--millions who bet against the spread). Between this and the 2008 result, the Giants are now the true nemesis of New England. Which is good, the traditional Redskins Cowboys rivalry means little when both teams suck year after year.

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