Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Landslide Come November?

With Mitt Romney still continuing to struggle in his race for the GOP nomination, things are looking brighter than ever for President Obama's re-election. Of course, Obama has a natural edge anyway--an economy that's likely to be seen as improving this year, a dead bin Laden, and demographic changes that put more formerly "red" states up for grabs--but it seems the GOP is ever more determined to turn a hard fought win into a cakewalk for Barry O.

Consider--what does it say about a party that keeps candidates like Gingrich (who was driven out of Congress by his own party, and has about a 27 percent favorable rating) and Santorum (who lost his last race by 18 points without even having killed anyone) in the running against Romney? Clearly this is a party that is just not being won over.

Consider--does Obama really need the help of Romney's own statements, about "not caring about the very poor" and "corporations are people"? Context matters, sure, but why provide ammunition?

Consider--when your party has turned acceptance of homosexuals, Muslims and immigrants into character flaws to be purged from its presidential candidates, do you really think they're going to have a chance winning moderate voters come November?

There's still a chance the dynamic can change, if Europe's problems or other economic circumstances cause our economy to drop back into free fall. But at the rate things are looking, the only question is whether Obama's landslide will resemble Reagan's in '84 or LBJ's in '64.

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