Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pet Eveeps

They really need a term for the opposite of a pet peeve. Meaning, something we sort of like a little bit, not for reasons we can put a finger on, and not with some ardent passion (such as a love of pizza, which is both entirely rational and explainable and goes deep into the heart). I propose we just reverse the word "peeve", since it's much easier than looking up "peeve" on some online thesaurus. Below are a list of my pet eveeps.

1) When people use the term "full stop" after making a statement, just to add emphasis to what they said and to qualify it in no way. Such as, "all I want on my burger is cheese and bacon, full stop!"

2) Brick walls in restaurants. Put up a brick wall, and you've just added some much needed class to the place!

3) Bay windows. It's like you're able to jut out into the street!

4) Open air markets. Probably sucks to work in one when the weather's not nice though.

5) Seeing a plane coming in or taking off as I'm crossing the 14th Street Bridge. Makes me wonder if the people on that plane are going on vacation, business, or hiding from the authorities. Probably a hundred stories in one of those planes.

6) When you're in the plane, taking off or about to land, and can see the housing developments and strip malls and traffic below.

7) The smell coming from a coffee shop, even if the taste of the coffee isn't all that special.

8) Having some morning light outside when you begin your commute, so you don't need your headlamps on.

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