Thursday, March 22, 2012

Names for my Neighborhood

Giving a neighborhood just the right name can have a significant effect as to how it is perceived. For instance, "Penn Quarter" has a much hipper feel to it than "Phony Chinatown" and "Dupont Circle" just sounds a lot trendier than "Georgetown Adjacent". With the new ballpark district continuing to grow and gentrify, residents are debating between "Ballpark District" and "Capitol Riverfront" but one thing is certain--no way that neighborhood will ever go back to being called "South Stabbington Stab-Stab". It was hell on real estate agents.

I think of this when I consider that my own current neighborhood--wedged in between the SW Waterfront and the Mall--doesn't really have a name. I'd rather be able to explain to people where I live by simply mentioning the neighborhood name, much like someone saying "Columbia Heights" can let you infer that they are a hipster, or someone saying "Clarendon" can let you know they're a dudebro. Here are some proposed names for my neighborhood:

1) Space Alley (due to our proximity to NASA HQ)

2) Troll Canyon (due to having to walk under 395 to get to our neighborhood from the Mall)

3) Fallout (we're in the immediate blast zone if the Capitol were to be hit)

4) SW Valley (we're down the hill from Capitol Hill)

5) Concrete District (many federal buildings around here)

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