Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Daily Ponder

One thing about waking up before it's light out and having a bed-mate who is still asleep and not wanting to wake her is that it means picking clothes while essentially color blind. This often leads to clashing colors, often different colored socks and one day even completly unmatched loafers (which was fortunately noticed once I was out in my hallway, rather than at work). This would be much easier if I simply have every pair of slacks and every shirt of the exact same make and color and pattern--simplicity itself! I even heard Einstein did that--had every suit and shirt and tie exactly the same--just so he wouldn't waste any time deciding what to wear each day.

This gets me thinking--why is it so important to have an outfit that looks different every day? Is it to try and prove to the world that we're not re-wearing the exact same clothes, day in and day out, without washing them between wearings? Is it to prove our wealth, showing just how many different shirts and pants we have? Are we somehow all expressing our individuality with new colors and patterns each day?

None of those above reasons seem to matter with those who are required to wear uniforms to work, otherwise you'd see police officers wearing navy blue on Monday, sky blue on Tuesday, khaki on Wednesday, and so forth. We seem to trust that those in uniform are switching out identical outfits each day and cleaning them between wearings, we assume they're wealthy enough to afford clothes besides their uniforms, and their individuality can be expressed in other ways. But somehow, the rest of us need unique ties and shirts and jackets and skirts and the rest. To do otherwise would be odd.

Of course, I could always just pick out what I'm going to wear the night before.

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