Friday, March 30, 2012

Tea Time

This past week at work has been a trying one, because both tea machines on our floor were out for repairs and I'll be damned if I'm going to go down one floor to use their tea machine. Why a tea machine, you ask, reasonably? Well, my co-workers like things to be high tech, so rather than a hot water spigot and bags we instead have these fancy machines in which you put a cartridge, press some buttons, and a few minutes later you have a hot tea, flavored coffee, or cappucino that doesn't exactly taste like cappucino. This has been my tea delivery system for the past few years.

Why tea, you ask? Well I sort of fancy myself a proper gentleman and tea is the beverage of choice for those of us who like to enjoy our libations. Coffee I understand, as something for when you've been awake for forty hours and need to haul a load of hooch across the 'Sippi line ahead of them Duke Boys. My wife drinks coffee every day, not because she's a trucker but because she'll otherwise get stabby and I've grown fond of my skin in its current, unstabbed state. But I've preferred tea as a morning work ritual.

Now, we worker bees have become a bit spoiled when we fret over (temporarily) losing a perk, when at the end of the day an employer really only has to provide clean drinking water. So this is really more a reflection on how set in my ways I've become.

It won't be long before I'm yelling at those damn kids who won't get off my lawn.

*Yes I could bring in my own tea bags and boil some water in the microwave, but I never remember in the morning to bring any in.

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