Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oreo Turns 100!

With all the hubbub about Super Tuesday, and whether the GOP will nominate the rich slick guy no one likes, the papist nutjob no one likes, the bitter angry man no one likes, or the 1890s throwback no one in the GOP likes, we have missed a key centennial. On March 6th, 1912, the Oreo cookie was created!

Oreos have been through a lot of abuse over the years. Some nuts dunk them in milk, grind them up in iced cream, or make them into cakes. Others try adding extra creme filling, making Double Stuffs or Triple Stuffs or Are-You-Sure-You-Want-To-Do-This Stuffs. Still others change the filling or the cookie itself, adding mint flavor, chocolate flavor, or even vanilla cookies. But nothing really beats the basic combination at the usual consistency.

And how to eat it? Pull it apart and eat the creme first? Or just bite in like a regular cookie? Doesn't matter, that's why this is America! Maybe in Soviet Russia Comrade Stalin can tell you how to eat your cookie, but freedom-lovers around the world just do as they like.

Other cookies are still pretty good--chocolate chip, solid chocolate, peanut butter, and the Girl Scout thin mints. But is any pre-packaged cookie quite as good as the sandwiched creme between two chocolate slivers?

Someone noted that if you stacked all the Oreos ever eaten on top of one another, they'd reach from the Earth to the moon. I say, that's a strange use for cookies, but to each their own. Here's to another 100 years of delicious cookie making.

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