Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patricks Day, a Little Known Italian Holiday

St. Patricks Day is more than just a "dudebro" holiday for the various spiky haired popped collared hoi polloi--it is also a very solemn day of celebration for those who enjoy imbibing fine Irish beverages. That would be Baileys for the weak-hearted, Guinness (if you're pro-Catholic) or Murphys (if ye can't stand them papists!) for those with taste and refinement, or whiskey for those who are just trying to make the pain go away. But one problem remains--what to eat on this holy day?

Let's face it--Irish food just isn't exactly world-reknowned, like French or Norwegian food. The Irish usually spend their days eating soda bread and potatoes, or salted codfish when it's a special occasion. This is due to centuries of the English taking all the delicious recipies from the Emerald Isle, such as . . . well, okay someone must have stolen the good recipes from England too.

But I found a loophole! See, St. Patrick himself was born to Roman parents, essentially making him Italian. And you know what goes great with Irish beer? You guessed it--lasagna! And you can even put a bit of Jamesons in your after-dinner cappuccino.

You're welcome, friends!

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