Friday, March 9, 2012

The Sarcasm Symbol

People who know me have come to expect that most of what I say is in a snarky, sarcastic vein--so when I'm sending an e-mail that is sincere, I feel the urge to add something along the lines of "I'm not being sarcastic here" at the end of it. But then, that would imply that any time I forget to add that, I am actually being sarcastic. There should be a simpler way, people!

Consider it--we use punctuation in many contexts:

1) To express empahsis, we use exclamation points. Such as, "I really think that tequila you found on the floor is a bad idea!"

2) To express doubt, we add a question mark, or several: "That's the tequila Morris left on the floor? That's what you plan to serve your date???"

3) To express an inner thought, we use parentheses: "I think we really ought to be careful what we drink at Morris' house (such as that tequila which now has a mysterious green color)."

So naturally, we need something to express when we're being sarcastic. I suggest we use the "^" symbol, since no one uses it for anything else except to suggest putting a peaked roof on something. So consider:

"I think that gash in your leg is healing nicely." Completely sincere!

"Surely that gash in your leg won't make you a freak and social pariah in this open, understanding society we live in.^" A bit sarcastic!

Let's see if this catches on.

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