Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Latest Civil Rights Controversy, Courtesy of the Cornpone State

Have you ever encountered someone who is not just stupid, but weapons-grade stupid?  I submit for your review the following scenario

Classy bar in Iowa City (which is sort of the Paris of Johnson County) allows its attention whore customers to dance on a platform when they get drunk enough and the bar plays their favorite radio-dreck on the jukebox.  Overweight student tries to dance on the platform, and the bar's staff allegedly informs here that she's too fat and can't go on the platform.  Allegedly-wronged fat girl complains to local paper, and bar owner issues an apology while not actually admitting to the "discrimination".  Apology apparently isn't enough, and allegedly-wronged fat girl wants a public apology "to every single person they've don ethis to" and for the bar "to admit that they do discriminate" as well as posting in writing that every paying customer "will be allowed in this establishment and allowed up on the platform and on the dance floor."

I need a moment to digest this.  There is a great deal of stupid here, and sometimes, the stupid burns a bit.

First off, Genius McMoron, no business is going to publicly admit--in writing, no less--to discrimination, even if the discrimination were legal.  So drop that idea right now.  Second, it's not exactly safe to have large-bodied, drunk morons dancing on platforms where they can fall and injure other moron patrons.  The bar doesn't seem to raise that issue, so this was likely more of a "you're not good looking enough to attention whore at our bar" thing.  It sucks, but some clubs will do that--pick only people with the right "look" out of the line.  I'm a bit surprised that this happens in Iowa City, better known as the city that doesn't shut down until 9PM, but there you are.  Granted I'd feel differently if this were more of a "no Mexicans or Asians allowed in the club" sort of thing.  But weight is something people for the most part can control, and can have serious negative effects on other innocent parties.  A person next to you on an airplane might not only have parts of their body spilling into your seat, but they also can present a hazard if you can't get around their bulk in an emergency situation.  A large person bouncing around on a raised platform with six beers in them does in fact effect others.

But the bigger issue is this--why of all things plant your flag on the right to do something so stupid and attention whoring as platform dancing at some stupid bar in the middle of nowhere?  Yes, college kids have dumb priorities, but you know what college students in China are doing while we're fretting over whether our overweight university students have a right to dance on platforms?  They're learning how to build bridges and power plants.


  1. Four words: Not a protected class.

  2. Foggy--that's correct, though as far as ADA is concerned I'd have to see if morbid obesity is considered a disability. They recently added a number of categories so who knows.