Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is "Crazed Shootings" Going to be the "Trucker Hat" for 2012?

There are a lot of organizations out there whose politics I oppose, and in some cases even despite.  I have no love for MADD, PETA, MoveOn, or the Club for Growth, even where there are times I'll agree with a stance or two taken by each of these groups.  But I can't imagine ever getting it into my head that people need to die for being a part of those organizations.  Once you've crossed that line, you're in batshit psycho territory, and would do the world a lot of good if you sought help for your condition.  They're doing great things with mental health treatment these days.

Case in point--a political organization called the "Family Research Council" which opposed rights for gay couples among other things, and played host yesterday to a shooting of its security guard, one Leonardo Johnson.  Johnson was shot in the arm while wrestling a handgun from the shooter, one Floyd Lee Corkins.

Full disclosure--as a teenager I worked summer shifts as an unarmed security guard, and it absolutely rocked.  Especially the late shift, where there was no one around, and you could read, watch TV, and listen to the radio for 8 hours, and never had to deal with intruders because if there was anything worth stealing they'd put an armed guard on it.  I think I was just there for insurance purposes.  The pay stunk, though.  So kids, stay in school!

Anyway, the shooting is apparently politically motivated.  How do I jump to this conclusion?  Well, Corkins said "I don't like your politics" before whipping out his gun.  Apparently he learned his debating skills at the David Berkowitz School for Advanced Argument, though fortunately the guard survived with just an injury to his arm.  After all, what better rejoinder is there to a political stance you disagree with than to shoot some guy who is likely paid very little by the hour to keep vendors from getting to the elevators?

News flash, Corkins--much as many of us don't like what the FRC is doing, you've just earned this week's YOU'RE NOT HELPING award.  Way to go, dumbass.

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