Monday, August 20, 2012

The Big Move

This past weekend was the much-anticipated move into a larger apartment in our same building.  After months of waiting, and many last-minute shenanigans, everything finally came off and we're now in the new place.  This will mean a bigger space for entertaining, a guest room for overnight visitors, and a better laid out kitchen for some serious chefery.

Some observations about the great moving process that so many of us go through on a frequent basis:

1) Moving is where friendships are key.  Five of our friends came by to help, and another friend loaned us two dolleys, and this made the process far more painless than it could have been.  The entire move took about two hours, and we had plenty of time for pizza for lunch.

2) There's always going to be last minute crap to throw you off your game.  For us, it was finding out Friday evening--when picking up the keys to the new place--that they needed the first month's rent right away, in the form of a money order.  You know who does NOT carry around random money orders already made out to the payee?  This guy!  Fortunately they were willing to give us the keys so long as I got them the money order the next morning, which meant hitting my bank promptly at 9.

3) Gatorade was truly invented for moves.

4) When cleaning up the old apartment, it is shocking and quite frightening how much dust accumulates after three years.  We swept and vacuumed on a weekly basis, and still I managed to sweep up enough dust to drive a fambly of Okies out west on a Model T.  (Too soon?) 

5) Moving is a great way to remember how many muscles you have, because every one of them is going to be sore for the next few days.

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