Friday, May 1, 2009

Bunch of Subtards

Well, just got back from the DMV, and that was pretty efficient and made me think our tax dollars are well spent. Wait, I mean NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE. I get there will all my documentation, and they tell me I have no proof of residency. But wait, I say--what about this envelope with my name and address and the post office's stamp, meaning it was mailed to me at that address? Isn't that about proof enough, short of letting you Nazi fucks into my home to watch me sleep there? No, they say, you need a copy of your lease.

Now, I know as well as any mildly functional human being that anyone can write up a lease, even using a fake address if they want. There's no way to verify by just looking at a signed lease that there is even a landlord, or that the property address listed even exists. Apparently, this doesn't mean anything to the subtards that run the VA DMV.

So now, after wasting time there today, I have to go back. Wonderful. More proof that government is rotten to the core.

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