Friday, May 29, 2009


So I hear that an old buddy of mine is moving down to the D.C. area, and should be arriving with his moving gear on Sunday afternoon. Now, this guy had assisted me with two of my previous moves, and as yet I have been unable to return the favor because his own previous moves involved psycho girlfriends having him thrown out of a house in Jersey because he was dumb enough to go on vacations with previous girlfriends while still living with the then-current psycho girlfriend, and this usually means that his stuff is destroyed so there's no chance to get some friends to help move. (As for this friend's judgment with women, yes he's a complete idiot--the rest of us were taking bets on whether one of his girlfriends was going to castrate him).

Anyway, this friend of mine is married now, and has a kid, and they're moving down from NYC and he said "you know those times I helped you move and you didn't have a chance to return the favor because my previous moves involved me being a dumbass and getting thrown out by my girlfriend in Jersey for reasons we don't need to re-hash now but needless to say there was no chance of having an orderly move without cops involved? Well, I'm calling in that favor now."

I feel like Bonasera the undertaker from the Godfather--he did me a service, and now I have to repay! Only instead of fixing up Sonny Corleone's bullet-ridden corpse, I have to help move a bunch of stuff from a UHaul. There better be pizza involved! I recall pizza at my own previous moves.

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