Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last night's film was Alfred Hitchcock's "Frenzy", a 1972 thriller about a serial killer who murders women by strangling them with his necktie in hip post-Beatles London. It had all the right Hitchcock notes of suspense, such as the setup making you think someone else is the killer, and the tense moments when you think the killer is about to get caught and doesn't. One off note was when the killer is talking to a friend (who of course doesn't suspect the killer in any way) and the killer is referring to the "necktie murderer" and says "well, you know some women ask for it, of course..." and the friend doesn't pick up on this. Really? Is it an accepted belief that some women are just out there asking to be strangled to death? Did they take too long getting you a sandwich or something???

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