Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOST Rant!

Warning, Spoilers! Last night's season finale of LOST (a show that I've sadly become addicted to) was one big case of Whaaaaaa??? The whole premise was retarded--for reasons that simply weren't convincing, Jack wants to do what crazy Daniel wanted to do--that is, set of a hydrogen bomb at the hatch (killing everyone on the island, incidentally) because he believed it would prevent the original plane crash by destroying the electromagnetic field on the island, and they would end up just landing calmly at LAX rather than crash in the first place. Let's see what's wrong with this premise:

1) What makes him so sure that a hydrogen bomb is going to destroy an electromagnetic field that so far has proven to be able to transport people around the globe and change the curve of time itself?

2) What makes him think this justifies killing hundreds of innocent people on the island?

3) What makes him even think that by changing history in this way wouldn't make far many more things worse?

4) As pointed out by Miles, what makes him think that the explosion of the bomb itself wasn't the thing that caused all the problems in the first place with the electromagnetic field, and that they would be better off oh I don't know NOT BLOWING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING AND KILLING THEMSELVES IN THE PROCESS???

5) Jack's whole argument when he spoke with Sawyer was that he was distraught over losing Kate. It is well established that Kate seriously sucks. Granted, this emo jive fool doctor has proven himself too much of a dick to be a prize, but really??? Kate has proven to be a murderer, liar, baby-theif and just about everything else wrong in the world. Okay, she's hot, but seriously, he's from Los Angeles. But here's why his argument made no sense--by preventing the crash in the first place, he would never meet Kate (since they were strangers on the plane and she was on her way to prison). Had Sawyer not decided (rightly, I think) to beat the piss out of Emo Jack, he might have instead pointed out this logical fallacy.

6) What makes even less sense is that he convinced the rest of the gang to go along with this stupidity. Kate knows that best case scenario is she is going to prison, as she was on her way on the original plane flight. Sawyer knows he'd be going back to his drifter conman lifestyle, Juliet knows she'd never meet Sawyer (who is better looking than her, and I'm a guy)--she justifies this by saying "then I'd never have to lose you" even though he wasn't planning on breaking up with her, what didn't she ever see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Better to love and lose than never love! Okay, I get Hurley going along with it since Emo Jack probably promised him Twinkies or something, and he goes along with everything, and Sayid had been in a dark place. Jin probably didn't understand enough English to get what they were really doing, and Miles probably figured they all had it planned out.

It just seemed a rather sloppy way to get to the point where they actually set off the hydrogen bomb. Hopefully next season the writers use some flashbacks to make more sense out of this whole thing.

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