Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hijinks that Shall Ensue

So this weekend is the big 30th Birthday Bash of Don Marco, one of Don Brando's faithful allies in the law-abiding-crime syndicate. (We just haven't figured out what crimes we're capable of, but give it time!) Over 100 people were invited, and at this writing there were something like 30-something "yes" replies and over 40 "maybes" which makes it hard to plan--after all, if you're hiring a clown and strippers (and maybe a stripping clown) you have to know whether your turnout will be closer to 30 or 70. Chole (Don Marco's wife) has been sending out some great passive aggressive notes to everyone, along the lines of "just to remind you about the party....and respond, bitches!!! I can't plan this if you don't f-ing respond!!!" Okay, maybe more like aggressive-aggressive.

Of course, it is well known Sicilian tradition that the Godfather cannot refuse a request on his daughter's wedding day, and the corrolary is that a great Don cannot refuse to drive a guest to the airport on his birthday weekend (how convenient for this guy!). Here's hoping for good weather and a lack of bugs!

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