Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red River

Last night's film was "Red River", a John Wayne vehicle which should provide some inspiration for "Road House 3--Back to Basics" because of course what is Dalton--the Road House hero--if not a modern equivalent of John Wayne? So yes, watching this classic western is technically part of my work and should be tax deductable.

Of course, the film was made in 1948, so among the lessons I learned were:

1) Indians just run around attacking wagon trains for no reason. No reason at all!

2) Apaches apparently were in Texas? Who knows, this might even be true.

3) Women do nothing good except force stubborn men to make up with each other at gunpoint. But then John Wayne will tell his protege Montgomery Clift "you better marry this woman!" which is nice because she also happens to be the only woman they encountered over the course of the ten year adventure. So it's "marry this woman" or "what you decide to do with the cattle is your own business, I won't judge".

4) Damn Mexicans! Always trying to keep whites from taking their land, which they only took themselves from the Mexicans (so this justifies whites taking the land--see how that works? If only John Wayne was called upon to solve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute).

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