Thursday, May 7, 2009

Star Track

As usual, the summer blockbusters look like a big heap of crap. Transformers 2? Really, people? It's hard to imagine having less interest in something that's going to do so well commercially. But seriously, YAWN.

There is one film I'd try to see in the theaters--the new reboot of Star Trek. I'm not much of a Trekkie--saw maybe a couple of the films and the original series, but haven't seen any of the spinoff shows of which I'm a big fan more for the '60s camp value than the sci-fi aspect. I always wanted to see a film made that copied the original series to a T--with fake looking backdrops, low-grade special effects, and a great riff on the ridiculousness of the aliens they encounter (as well as a sendup on the characters, with an overdramatic Kirk and a pompously stiff Spock, plus Scotty and McCoy seemingly always unable to do their jobs. Oh, and red shirt guys dropping like flies all the time). A spoof-homage is what I think would appeal best to me, and none of the movies managed to capture that.

However, this reboot has gotten rave reviews, and from the looks of it does the best to capture the appeal of the original while still using big budget special effects. Also, JJ Abrams is behind this, and I'm a bit of a "Lost" junkie and rather liked his monster movie "Cloverfield". Expectations are pretty high!

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  1. Road House 3 update? What is the progress on the script?