Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Sucking Bastards

Everyone who knows me knows that garlic is in my blood. My last name means "of the garlic" and of course there is no family recipe that doesn't have a garlic component. I think it goes back to my earliest ancestors, who were garlic dealers to the czars. Needless to say, they spent much time at odds with vampires. (Who were the medieval equivalent of "emo kids")

My old college roommate was once asked to describe my cooking, and he said "pretty good, but always involves tons of oil and tons of garlic". And with modern science telling us that garlic has curative properties--and this was known for some time, since people tried fighting the bubonic plague with garlic and herbs--it's only natural that I try and stave off swine flu with heavy doses of garlic.

So Sunday while watching the Redskins lose again (hooray! Suck it, Dan Snyder) I whipped up a some linguini with a light garlic sauce and basil, to the extent that even now two teethbrushings and a shower later I still feel like I have garlic on my breath. And you know what? No swine flu and no vampires.

Of course, it is broad daylight right now....


  1. I think you use the right touch of garlic and have since replicated your above mentioned recipe. Keep it real!