Friday, October 16, 2009

In Soviet Russia, the Sexy Brings YOU Back

This weekend the gang was supposed to go on a long and arduous hike, led by a former Marine who refers to himself as "Gunny" (okay, he doesn't really do that, but we do have active imaginations in our gang). Sadly, it looks like an unseasonably cold and rainy weekend so we're tossing around "plan B" and no I don't mean morning after pills. Do you know how expensive those are? We'd be better off tossing around Advil.

The alternate plans for our day of hike have revolved around brewery tours, visiting Baltimore, bar crawling, indoor picnics, bowling, and going to Charles Town Racetrack because there's a fine filly in the fifth. It seems, though, that the rain has sapped everyone's energy and no one is taking action in deciding what it is we're going to do.

What we have here is a power vacuum. It's like Soviet Russia after the death of Lenin. Except more beer. Who will step up to the challenge? These are interesting times, folks...


  1. Hey now - I am all about making decisions and avoiding analysis paralysis, it's just that I can't claim there was a genius idea that leaped out at me as being really the right one...

    That is, until Shannon's idea came along.

  2. J--doesn't have to be a genius idea, but every idea, even hanging out at Cap Lounge all day long, is better than everyone staying home and watching TV and crying into their hands.

  3. Brando -

    I'm happy to see you are the keeper of making plans in the DC front too. Some things never change and that's a good thing!

    Nichole "Stuck in Maine" Stevens

  4. I stepped in with a command couched as a suggestion...we'll see what happens next.

  5. Chole--thanks! It's a full plate here in DC what with all the planned hijinks!

    Shannon--no problem. Clearly something had to be done!

  6. Brando complaining about the lack of indecision in making weekend plans...some things never change. I say follow your Italian roots and hit the track....can never go wrong on that front and might come out up a few bucks!

  7. DF--yes, the track was suggested--but a true goombah would probably be running the rackets rather than buying into them.