Friday, October 9, 2009

Well, Now The Peace Prize is a Total Joke

Well, it isn't an Onion headline--President Obama has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, which is interesting because his accomplishments in terms of world peace so far include . . . well, pretty much squat so far. Defenders of giving him this award are saying that it's more because of the promise he's demonstrated, and what he intends to do. Well, that's swell! I hope that means I can get an Academy Award now for that movie I plan to make in a few years. Do they give out Pulitzer Prizes for writing that hasn't been done yet? Sort of like an advance?

What I'm hearing from this is that Obama got the Prize as part of a repudiation of George Bush, who the Nobel Committee (representing the European elite opinion here) consider to be the greatest contributor to all causes against peace since the Hitler-Stalin Hybrid (Stitler!) of the 1940s. Apparently, giving the Prize to Jimmy Carter (a noted Bush critic and fellow disaster as president) and Al Gore (Bush's nemesis from 2000, and a fellow dullard) was too subtle--instead, the Prize is to be given to the man who succeeded (without ever actually running against) Bush in the Oval Office. Forget for a minute that Obama is essentially staying the same course as Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, has kept Guantanamo Bay open as a prison camp for terror suspects, kept the PATRIOT Act going, and . . . you basically have a premature and immature bestowing of the Prize. If they really hate Bush so much, can't they make up a new award, like the Nobel Un-Peace Prize? In the world of actual world leaders, diplomats, activists and philanthropists who are actually making real strides in brokering treaties and ending wars and easing international tensions and helping end poverty, do they really need to give this award to Obama now?

Look, I'm hoping Obama does actually find a way to disengage from Iraq and Afghanistan and repair our relations with countries from the Far East to Latin America, and help tackle both international and domestic problems (such as our economy). I hope he's able to do something in the next 4 to 8 years to actually deserve a Peace Prize. But giving him the Prize this year is just plain shitballs retarded.


  1. Obama is the Messiah. The sooner we all get used to the concept the better. He is the chosen one who will lead us to univeral peace. December 21, 2012 is fast approaching.

  2. I'm in agreement with the article. Now all that has to be done is to make promises and no delivery has to be made at the moment. I didn't vote for Obama because something always troubled me about him. I'm seeing this now since the day he took office. What's next?