Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I'm Happy About

1) That my stomach ache went away. You never really can enjoy a non-achy stomach except right after you had an achy stomach.

2) That my car doesn't have a rocket launcher or battering ram, as they would have gotten ample use on the way to work this morning. Apparently all the dumbassery comes out around 9:15, and pulling halfway into the road is considered okay.

3) That my team of "spies" has been assembled for Halloween Hijinks. Now to find capes and cool hats.

4) That someone long ago found that boiling grains and sugars and adding yeast, and allowing it to sit the right amount of time, would have created sweet delicious beer. I don't think such a process ever would have occurred to me.

5) That having good friends around can make even the most uneventful day thoroughly enjoyable. This is how friends are like beer.

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