Friday, April 17, 2009

Back in Blogging Mode

After a hiatus from blogging, it's good to get started back up--new job, new city, new car--may as well get back to the blogging circuit. Highlights since the last posts:

1) Now in the DC area, and renting out the place in Portland (hopefully to sell it soon)

2) Finished the second novel, though it (as well as the first one) may need a bit of editing before I try and find publishers. The first novel, you might recall, was an alternative history drama taking place during WWII, while the Americans are trying to knock out a victorious Germany that is threatening a trans-Atlantic invasion. The second novel involves a gang war in Portland, Maine after a rift regarding a witness in police custody who may or may not be possessed by a demon.

3) Now embarking on a screenplay for a sequel to the cult classic film, "Road House". This will take the story in brave new directions, and provide the perfect comeback for Patrick Swayze (who has so far survived cancer and might be a cinch for Hollywood praise when all is said and done--he just needs the right script!).

4) The summer will also involve scuba training and survival training, as I plan to embark on some new adventures. Hijinks will ensue!

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